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Xposed framework is the latest trend for android users. Xposed installer will install Xposed framework on your android device, this will allow installing modules on Android OS and customize your OS without flashing to custom ROMs or rooting. To run multiple apps not only rooting is enough but

Flashing custom ROMs or Rooting your device will  result in unbalanced stability, reliability and simplicity because you are installing 3rd party custom ROM to your device. Some may brick their phone/tablet.  Download Xposed framework is a real-time alternative to installing/Flashing custom ROMs, Xposed allows you to install different apps and do some custom modification without rooting. Installing Xposed apk is simple and easy.

Android Xposed Installer APK

Xposed android uses the direct root access to enter the core android resources and modifying the system. Direct access through Xposed framework enables installing multiple modules on system and device. Thus, Xposed APK will update android OS only by rooting without custom ROM installation and flashing. so the new feature of any rooting software is to build the codes on the base of Xposed framework. Now you can directly download xposed apk and install it as you do it for an app, it is such much easy and only a few clicks.

Android Xposed Apk Download

Download Xposed Installer 3.0 alpha4

android xposed apk download

Download Xposed Framework 3.0 alpha3

download xposed apk

Download Xposed Installer APK 3.0 alpha2

download xposed lolipop

Download Xposed Installer 3.0 alpha1

xposed android installer

New Features in Xposed Android 3.0 alpha4

How to Install Framework from Xposed Installer APK

Xposed Apk Lollipop Installation Video Tutorial

Xposed apk is compatible with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version or later versions. Hence if your OS is outdated update the system and uninstall Xposed. You must have a rooted android device to install xposed Lollipop.

Xposed Apk Known Issues

  • There are some corrupted ROMs in Sony and they will bootloop with "Fatal signal 6" or "No pending exception expected: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException" error.
  • Bootloops on Samsung stock ROMs which have been unofficially fixed and by adjusting ROMs.

Xposed installer download links and Tutorial Credits goes to XDA developers.